Videotutorials and installation guides step by step.

Vinyls to decorate floors

Decorative vinyl for floors

Decorate your floor with elegant and exclusive deisgns.

Decorate your home floor with vinyl

The best and easier way to change your home decoration is with vinyl to paste on floor.

Vinyl for wood furniture

Tips to detach vinyl

Learn these tips to death the vinyl from your table, door or furniture.

How to wrap cupboard doors

We give you the keys to wrap cupboards doors or bedrooms.

How to decorate a office desk

Decorate your work's table with vinyl printed.

Wrap a table completly.

Learn how to wrap a table step by step.

Decorate a desk with curve sizes

You can't cover the table borders, so learn these tips to know how to do it.

Wall vinyl stickers

Put a vinyl sticker of vertical design

Basic guide showe step by step of a vertical vinyl sticker.

How to paste a horizontal vinyl

This is the best way to paste a landscape vinyl sticker.

Vertical vinyl of 2 colours

Learnd the best steps to place a vinyl design of 2 colour on walls and doors.

Vinyl of 2 colours

Learn different ways to paste vinyl sticker of 2 colours on the wall.

Installation with corner marks

This is our method to paste  a design of 2 overlaped colours.

How to learn several layers of vinyl

This is an unusual way to paste a vinyl sticker of 2 colours.

Vinyl composition on the wall

Some design are design made with several independent shapes like this.

Blackboard vinyl decor

Learn the steps to paste a blackboard vinyl sticker on the wall.

Paste a colourful castle on your bedroom

Learn the best steps to paste a decorative vinyl on the wall. Easy to understand.

Decorative vinyl for glasses

How to paste a vinyl on crystal

Learnd the basic steps to stick a vinyl on glass using water.

Vinyl decals on glass office

Decorate your workzone.