Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Kids wall stickers are the key for a funny and happy decoration for children's spaces as bedroom, living room or play area at home. In this category you will fine nice characters, medieval castles, alphabets, sweet little animals and good monsters to give the best children style into the rooms. Make a unique space for kids.

Also the school decoration is possible. Make a great landscape of wonderful animals and symbols of vinyl stickers pasted on walls, doors and even on furniture. Remember when you buy here you are getting a high quality vinyl and very original illustration you can only find in Lokoloko.

Ideas to combine wall decals for kids

If you want a nice fantasy landscape you can paste Magic Tree aligned in the upper corner of the wall and in the other side place the Birds in the garden of Eden to make an elegant depth effect with the rest of the element on the wall. Choose your favorite colours for your new composition.

Normaly we decorate walls with photos and pictures but sometimes we need more things. It's time to add vinyl stickers to improve the look around. Try to paste Love in the air vinyl. Change the element composition to make a personal style.

Learn sticking vinyl

To learn how to install vinyl sticker visit our Youtube channel and watch our videotutorials. If you need help, please, text a comment ^^

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  • The Wolves they are beautiful animals that you bathe with their howling the starry nights of the mountains. With this elegant decorative vinyl child ambientarás the walls of the children's bedrooms with the magic of stories and the Moon. You can place elements where you want to create your own composition. Don't expect it more and surprise your kids.

    54,45 €
  • Our friends the children adventurers they have found the treasure hidden in the desert island, but the pirate captain and his henchmen will go everywhere to get the loot. If the stories of pirates and the sea, this like kids decorative vinyl child will certainly be a great option for decorate the walls room offering a unique environment of high seas....

    55,66 €
  • A fearsome Dragon lurks to the Castle and the brave knight must rescue the Princess. Here is an original illustration of a scene of adventures that you can decorate with a touch child and Magic the walls of the most kids in the House. A decorative vinyl which will allow you to place elements wherever you want to create your own composition. Come the?...

    54,45 €
  • Many Adventure have lived in the old West with Cowboys, Indians and Gunslingers, and this super decorative vinyl child It recreates the assault on a stagecoach with lovable characters. Create your own decoration distributing the elements on the walls of the bedrooms, furniture and doorWhere will place the sheriff and his? horse?

    53,24 €
  • The best place to enjoy the tales is low the stars a warm night with your friends. Lokoloko He has designed this great decorative vinyl child a group of attentive children before the narration of amazing stories fantastic that will awaken your imagination. A Wall decoration ideal for of Magic the bedroom of your children. In which color you like most?

    50,82 €
  • The world of the cinema and series of television It has marked our lives with exciting and fun moments. Our CAT dress up the personajes of action, fiction and adventure most famous of the big screen to make decor your walls and doors with this super pack of decorative vinyl freaks no doubt it will be the attention of your friends and family. Which of them...

    41,39 €
  • If you feel passionate about authentic and lover of the comicsthe manga and the animethe video games and the otaku worldThis Super Pack of decorative vinyl cats geeks It is for you. Decorate your bedroom or your area of games featuring characters most mythical of the World of fiction. Are you able to recognize them all?

    41,35 €
  • All we love the animals most adorable cats. Lokoloko presents this fun decorative vinyl 2 colors of a Pack of kittens with hats and moustaches, which you can place as you like and change the appearance of your cats. Who will remain best the moustache English?, and the Mexican? Combine them as you want and decorate your wall in a fun way.

    44,95 €
  • The CAT It is considered one of Pets most adorable in the domestic arena. In Lokoloko We propose a child vinyl decoration with a cute kitten turned up in boxes with the numbers 1, 2 and 3, which will no doubt please to the more little kids. 

    30,25 €
  • The cats they are considered as pets more adorable that we may have in our homes and domestic environments. This decorative vinyl child a cute Kitty uploaded in a few buckets of lyrics A, B, C, It will be a graceful design that will work very well as a decoration for the walls of the bedroom of the most small.

    37,51 €
  • Here is a pack of funny animals from the African savannah in an original style where we can find the fierce lion, quiet giraffe or mischievous monkeys. A decorative vinyl que podrás pegar en las paredes de los children's bedrooms by placing the figures where you want.

    60,50 €
  • It is not the ship of Noah, but these Nice animals of Africa they have embarked on a journey to the walls of the more small, to offer a decoration deep sea. Accompanied by a funny fish Bank que podrás place independently sobre la pared o cualquier mueble. Un decorative print and die-cut vinyl that you can not let escape.

    55,66 €
  • Here is an original adhesive vinyl of the recognizable African animals arranged in column, will provide a funny aspect to the child decor of your House. Leaves that Lion, giraffe, crocodile, the elephant, the bird and the sympathetic apes queer with an original style bedroom of the more kids in the House.

    72,60 €
  • There is no doubt that Africa is a benchmark when it comes to imagine animals in the wild world and living in freedom. Lokoloko now features a decorative vinyl child with the animals better known on the African savannah, and we know that the more little kids will enjoy this fun cartoon design

    55,66 €
  • Kids vinyl decals of singer birds. This is an amazing design of tall birds and a hungry giraffe to decorate babyrooms and kids rooms. You can paste them where you want on all walls of the room. Combine your favourite colours and ger your one.

    37,60 €
  • Stickers of monsters race for decor. Start the most epic monster race with happy friends to decorate your wall with vinyl decals. alien, bird, snake... everyone is here to reath the goal. A nice scene for bedroom decor. Change the animal places and make your own race. Let's go!

    45,20 €
  • Wall sticker of the space for kids. Aliens want to stay on the walls as vinyl decals pasted on the surface with stars and the moon. You have the opportunity to get this amazinf ufo silhouettes to make a renovate decorating style at home. Do it with your children together and change the look in the bedroom!

    35,89 €
  • Vinyl decals for bedroom decor with little characters. Monsters always aren't horrible and bad people. This time it's a group of little monsters ready to make a happy and funny room. We need to update the children decor in our home with this vinyl decals of the new friends of your kids to decorate walls and doors.

    41,35 €
  • Decorative vinyl decals of children's characters and monsters. The smalliest and funniest monsters have arrived at home to stay. Decoration needs fresh air in young rooms. Make with your children the perfect room decoration with these adhesive vinyl silhouettes to paste on where you want. Select your favourite colour and get ready to receive the order :)

    38,35 €
  • Decorative wall stickers of monsters for kidrooms. These are likeable friends ready to give happiness and colour in walls of your children. Really good for rooms. Combine 2 colour you like the most and complete your order.

    48,09 €
  • Stickers of aquatic animals for young rooms. Likeable dinosaur are cleaned by the great octopus in the sea. Mr Dolphin is with them to have fun together. Don't wait for this nice vinyl stickers to decorate walls of a nice children's illustration. It's perfect for bedroom walls. Choose 3 colour and make your best combination.

    48,60 €
  • Vinyl decals of nice animals for kids. Tonight the moon, the stars and the animals are in the forest enjoying the wondergul tales of the great owl. This is a nice illustration to decorate walls with vinyl stickers of colour. Make a new children's decorative style in the bedrooom of your kids. We know you'll like it :)

    46,55 €
  • Wall decorating with vinyl decals for kids. This scene of happy animals by our designers is perfect to decorate children's spaces and playareas at home. We love drawins and that's why we made this illustration of a big elephant bathing dragons and animals. Add colour and silhouette in your bedroom decorations. Remember you can select 4 colours :)

    50,59 €
  • We love vinyl geeks, family images are OK, but this takes the cake, we collect some caricatured characters that somebody will recognize. A vinyl that is a sin not having it!! that the force be with you :)))

    57,79 €