Wallpaper for children

Wallpaper for children

Lokoloko children's wallpaper

Lokoloko wants to reach all ages, both children and adults, with a range of designs that stand out from the current ones, we avoid results that expire in the medium term as the child grows or the adult changes.

In this children's section, the available models respond to the needs focused on a young audience as well as the demands of styles created by adults. Loko Loko thus creates easy-to-integrate designs with elegant color palettes that fit the taste of both ages.

In this way, we eliminate any figurative motif associated with recognizable childish forms, high saturation colors that cause stress, and delve into medium, low saturation palettes, avoiding high contrasts.

The best designs for children's wallpaper

Loko Loko's design has been carried out by personnel trained in the field of art and image, who have ruled out numerous previous studies after color tests, before presenting the final product in the store. For this section there is a research process, study of current and future trends, study of color psychology and visual perception trying to achieve the desired reaction in the viewer by our designers.

Why buy ecological wallpaper for children?

If you want to create a sophisticated and modern children's space without resorting to resources or images with an expiration date, our children's designs on ecological paper offer you the possibility of renovating your interior space that will appeal to young people and adults.

For very little you can quickly and cleanly change your space thanks to the sophisticated patented technology where you only need water to place it.

The rapid installation provides considerable savings in tools, cumbersome gluing processes, dirt, waiting times and reduction and savings in labor.

You only need a water sprayer for the back of the paper and wall (see installation manual).

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