Woods - Washable self-adhesive vinyl furniture and floors


Vinyl imitation wood by Lokoloko

Wood as a natural material and given the enormous variety of types and multitude of possibilities if dyes are applied to them, the game of combinations is vast. Lokoloko is going to play not only offering recognized woods but also colors of these textures, making them different through a retouching process.

Adhesive vinyl imitation wood to cover furniture and walls

Wood finishes have always been present in decorations throughout history, both in furniture and in architectural elements, with vinyl, decoration with the effect of these textures has evolved and Lokoloko presents an attractive range with which to renew any of these household surfaces.

What can I decorate with wood effect vinyl?

Generally, the furniture is made of treated wood, melamine, dm covered with imitation sheets, the high-end ones being solid wood and therefore more expensive.

In the market we can find furniture with smooth surfaces, at a good price (Ikea for example), in this case, many buyers look for vinyl alternatives for this furniture. Our designs, together with the protective laminate finishes, make the Lokoloko addition an ideal bet with which to renew the appearance of any bathroom furniture, kitchen, headboard, cabinet...

The walls and ceilings are wonderful areas to apply earth tones and finish off with high wooden skirting boards, also arcade interiors, highlights of beams or volumes, providing luxury, beauty and warmth, you can apply them on tiles, papier-mache, ceramics, glass... .

Why buy wood effect adhesive vinyl?

With the amazing progress of digital printable materials, the need to carry out works is eliminated, with the high cost that this entails, the stoppage of functions while the work lasts, assuming added costs. Now recycling is on the rise and do it yourself too, our vinyls allow you to change the appearance of that piece of furniture or kitchen that you don't want or can't throw away, all for very little cost.

Our materials are approved, they are tested in compliance with rigorous quality processes, they are polymeric so they will not shrink due to changes in temperature and you can put them in vehicles, boats, indoors and outdoors.

In a fast, clean, simple and economical way, you can make that great change in the decoration, eliminating costly and unforeseen construction processes, of dirty gluing on surfaces, a modern alternative on the rise.

This family has a wide range of printed wood designs, in different colors, finishes... it brings warmth to that cold surface, you can clean them as many times as you want, they do not change, they resist sun and weather, they convey luxury and make the space more cozy.

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