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Adhesive vinyl

Thira geometric tiles

Washable self-adhesive vinyl to cover protecting walls, furniture and floors.Design created from tiles with geometric shapes in a range of blues. Blue colors that transport us to Greek or Portuguese ceramics. A Mediterranean style inspiration. Each tile design reminds us of the sketches of the great artist Escher, but the minimalist and primitive design...
Adhesive vinyl

Mosaic of hydraulic floor tiles 2

Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls, furniture and floors.Designs of ceramic floor tiles is what you need to decorate your tables, doors and cupboards to renovate your old decorative style in houses and flats. Geometric motifs and grey tones are perfect to keep a cool environment in the spaces.The tile sizes 18,5x18,5cm aprox.
Adhesive vinyl

Mosaic of hydraulic floor tiles 4

Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls, furniture and floors. Retro-style hydraulic tile design, where ornamental geometric motifs in gray tones are mixed with colored rhombuses. Ideal for decorating the TV sideboard, the living room table or the kitchen doors. Big tile sizes 31,5x31,5cm aprox.
Adhesive vinyl

Mosaic of hydraulic floor tiles 3

Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls, furniture and floors.This vinyl printing is a mosaic of hydraulic ceramic floor tiles of ornamental designs to decorate tables, doors, cabinets and more wood furniture in your home or shop. Give a rustic decorative style to your rooms.Tile's size: 18x19cm aprox.
Adhesive vinyl

Modern design tiles

Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls, furniture and floors.Minimalist design of white background tiles and blue lines with red details. It is a classic and modern composition at the same time. Printed tile sizes 23,5x23,5cm aprox.
Adhesive vinyl

Tiles of white vintage flowers

Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls, furniture and floors.Change de face of your cupboard, desk or tv stand with this colourful adhesive vinyl of ceramic tiles with vintage flower designs.Every tile sizes 23x23cm aprox.

Vinyl imitation tiles of Lokoloko

This category was created due to the demand for ceramic tiles with new designs that would break with the traditional and cover the impossibility of carrying out works in many spaces. You can barely change and follow the decorative trends by making changes from time to time whoever wants it, they are compelling arguments to explore this family of designs and reach your desired goal.

Imitation tile design vinyl for all types of surfaces

Geometry has been the strong pillar in the artisanal and artistic world of ceramic patterns, they are very popular and in recent years it has become a clear decorative trend for homes. With the use of adhesive vinyl we have the perfect excuse to transmit an elegant composition of tiles and borders on surfaces as unusual as the drawers of our dresser or the door of the refrigerator, wrap unusual architectural volumes, cover smooth walls, with gotelé, tiles... , now you can capture the illusion of tile in a multitude of shapes and surfaces.

The characteristics of our vinyl tiles, tiles and mosaics

Within the CERAMICS family, you will find a wide variety of designs available. Once you have selected the right design for you, you will be able to configure it, select sizes, finishes, number of units and configure national or international shipping.

The available sizes are:

  • S / 120 CMS X 95 CMS
  • M / 150CM X 95CM
  • L / 180CM X 95CM
  • XL / 205CM X 95CM
  • XXL / 250 CMS X 95 CMS

Depending on locations and the addition of protective laminate, we have the matte finish (the most demanded for surfaces where you do not want imperfections to stand out), gloss (perfect for marble and terrazzo), wood finish and floor finish (complies with anti-slip regulations needed for floors).

In the case of selecting a finish other than floors, two additional cms will be provided for the panelling, this only in the width of the piece, that is, instead of 95 cm it would be 97 cm. The protective laminate finishes available are varied, selecting the right one for the design will enrich its visual value.

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