Jazz, love it

Adhesive vinyl jazz

Jazz is a musical genre born in the late 19th century in United States which expanded globally throughout the 20th century. A very popular music style very used to quiet spaces, clubs and even areas of work.

Lokoloko now brings you a decorative vinyl Jazz with the main word in large so you plasmes on the walls of your living room, dining room or kitchen a typographic design with all the essence of music that fits into all the spaces and we know you'll love.

Jazz, love it
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It acquires your jazz vinyl sticker

Throughout history, the jazz has gone from being a simple dance music popular even highly regarded art worldwide, whereas a prominent model of expression and which has been innovating with the passage of the years.

The decorative wall stickers music the word Jazz is the perfect excuse to decorate your personal space where you'll understand what is your favorite style.

To the buy decorative online in our shop you make sure purchased a product of high quality in material and finish. A decorative element that does not occupy place while providing a modern and renovated image.

How hit a simple vinyl texts

It is very easy to paste a simple vinyl letters like this. We recommend to visit our Youtube Channel donde encontrarás las mejores guías de instalación. No pierdas detalle de los pasos explicados.

Details of texts in furniture vinyl

The type designs of simple words or phrases are an element of very interesting detail to decorate furniture, quietly being protagonist of the space without detacar.

Vinilo de corte para muebles de cocina con la palabra Jazz Vinilo musical de jazz para tu mueble de madera Pegatina vinílica musical para tu puerta

The front of the kitchen furniture offer many possibilities, since we can have surface where to place our Vinyl cutter for furniture the text in English at a small size. Remember to paste it in an area that is completely smooth and without mouldings.

We can also play mode of signageSince Jazz is a style of music. If we stick it in a low Cabinet we can give to understand that there we keep our music collection. On the other hand, if we stick it on a door, we will be indicating that it is our study where we rehearse our instruments or an area for quiet, since we tend to associate Jazz with moments of calm and rest.