Mudcloth Paint Concrete


Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls, furniture and floors.

Decorate any space or furniture with this simple but beautiful pattern. They simulate handmade brush strokes with different thicknesses and finishes of lines and points. A design with contrast, black stroke on cracked concrete background. Inspired by the traditional African fabrics of Mali. Ideal in wabi-sabi decorative styles, raw or industrial style.

You can order it on wallpaper here if you want it for living rooms, halls, bedrooms ... walls that do not get stained or wet

  • XXL - 250 x 95
  • XL - 205 x 95
  • L - 180 x 95
  • M - 150 x 95
  • S - 120 x 95
  • Matte Vinyl
  • Glossy Vinyl
  • Floor vinyl

54,00 €