Head of parrot, linear style

A parrot head decorative vinyl

This tropical bird curved beak and intense color in their feathers is a new design that we have for you in our category Animals. An illustration of a parrot head composed by forms of lines and stains in two colors which you can combine as you like.

For lovers of animals and nature, to decorate the wall of the bedroom, lounge or even the kitchen with this pretty a parrot vinyl It will be a success and we know that it will be the decorative admiration of friends and guests.

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Head of parrot, linear style
Vinyl Color
Head of parrot, linear style
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There are more than 300 species of parrots and cockatoos across different areas of America, Africa, Asia and Oceania and they live in tropical and warm regions.

They eat mainly seeds but also include in your diet fruits, leaves and small insects. Some species of parrot can mimic a wide variety of sounds, including the human voice.

This Parrot adhesive vinyl in your home walls is an essential element in the decoration if you consider yourself a lover of these small, colorful and friendly animals.

His aesthetics of lines and dynamic spots that make up the shape of your face will mark a new trend in the image of your home.

¿Cómo pego mi vinilo de manchas y líneas?

vinilo de cabeza de loro en 2 colores

This product is composed of 2 colors of vinyl, and they are separated by parts as shown in the image.

To learn how to paste a tropical bird design with layers superimposed on simple steps, we recommend to see this video tutorial que podrás encontrar en nuestro canal of YouTube.

3 key places to stick a sticker of tropical bird

The tropical birds they are beautiful animals of vivid colors and we will propose you a few ideas that will work very well to decorate spaces of your home.

vinilo decorativo para el comedor Vinilo de pájaro para decorar el pasillo Pegatina adhesiva de loro para tu salón

A Vinyl for the dining room This illustration can be a successful décor. Normally we use the central table in the dining room for lunch hours and on many occasions for moments of reading, homework or to play board games with our friends, so the outline of the face of a parrot will bring a touch more natural and live at our meetings.

The halls and the main entrance of the House, whethera house or a flat, must have a decoration that impacts at first glance. We will use a few bright colours if we want a dynamic environment, or some soft shades if you want something more calmed.

The living room is a space very resorted to paste a adhesive sticker of a tropical bird as lovely as this.