Lioness and Cub

The Leonthe King of the Savannah par excellence has always been represented with the courage and strength, but we have also seen with his side more maternal and tender. Lokoloko now puts at your disposal a charming two-color decorative vinyl a Leone with her small offspring in your family Animals. No doubt a design that will captivate who contemplate it.

Vinyl Color
Vinyl Color
Wall Color
Normal Reflected
  • 110x46
  • 130x64
  • 150x62
  • 170x72
  • 190x80
  • 210x88

47,19 €

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vinilo en 2 colores leona

This vinyl will be sent separately by colors. This type of design includes stains in the background, behind, so it should hit before the lines. Stains should be approximate, but do not have to be accurate so it is good.

This video tutorial It will help you to paste this type of decorative vinyl 2 colors