Vinyl to cover furniture

Adhesive vinyl

Lokoloko adhesive vinyl

At Lokoloko you will find a wide variety of self-adhesive vinyl designs, classified by various themes that adapt to all decorative styles and needs.

The available designs allow you to create walls, ceilings, furniture, wet and washable areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, screens, shower walls... with a refined visual impact that will decorate any interior or exterior room.

We design vinyl for all types of surfaces

At Lokoloko we have created a wide variety of designs classified by categories that make it easy for you to find the one that best suits your decoration.

The diversity of designs range from printed textures that imitate materials such as concrete, cement, both in different colors and textures, geometric patterns of different styles, sizes and colors, terrazzo, fabrics as well as abstract or figurative images of all kinds.

Designs of varied decorative lines that cover neutral styles with a reduced color palette to chromatic designs with a wide color palette that allow you to play with the different tones that the decoration presents.

The wide variety of designs make our self-adhesive vinyl a potential bet to achieve a multitude of styles that cover the most current market deco trends, such as Nordic, Minimalism, Mediterranean, Industrial, Boho, Wabi Sabi, Minimalist, Industrial styles, Boho Chic, Navy, Eclectic, Retro... Loko Loko accommodates a huge variety of currents.

The studied and developed designs are unique and exclusive to Lokoloko, made by professionals in the field of design, BBAA and decoration, where trying to stand out by doing something different, they make every effort to innovate and anticipate trends.

What will you find in our self-adhesive vinyl section?

In Lokoloko we have a multitude of families to organize our wide variety of designs, just as in wallpaper, in self-adhesive vinyl, we have the same categories but expanded to a greater number because vinyl is a material that, given its characteristics, allows its use in a greater number of zones.

Once you have selected the family you want to see (marble and terrazzo, cement and concrete, wood, geometric patterns, fabrics, plain colors...) you can check the enormous variety of designs available in the store menu. When you select the right design for the decoration, you have the possibility to configure it, select sizes, types of protective laminate finish, number of units and configure national or international shipping.

Depending on locations and the addition of protective laminate, we have the matte finish (the most demanded for surfaces where you do not want imperfections to stand out), gloss (perfect for marble and terrazzo), wood finish and floor finish (complies with anti-slip regulations needed for floors).

In the case of selecting a finish other than floors, two additional cms will be provided for the paneling, it is only in the width of the piece, that is, instead of 95 cms it would be 97 cms.

The protective laminate finishes available are varied, selecting the right one for the design will enrich its visual value.

Different types of adhesive vinyl

At Lokoloko we have a large number of adhesive vinyls organized according to their theme and location. The most prominent categories are:

Vinyl for wrap furniture Vinyl for kitchen Vinyl for bathroom Vinyl for covering walls          Vinyl for floor

Why buy adhesive vinyl at Lokoloko?

With the amazing progress of digital printable materials, the need to carry out works is eliminated, with the high cost that this entails, the stoppage of functions while the work lasts, assuming added costs. Now recycling is booming and do it yourself too, our vinyls allow you to change the look of that piece of furniture or kitchen that you don't want or can't throw away, all for very little cost.

Our materials are approved, they are tested in compliance with rigorous quality processes, they are polymeric so they will not shrink due to changes in temperature and you can put them in vehicles, boats, indoors and outdoors.

In a fast, clean, simple and economical way, you can make that great change in the decoration, eliminating expensive processes and dirty gluing on surfaces, a modern alternative on the rise.

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