Decorative posters of vegetables and flowers

Flowers and Vegetables

Decorative flower posters by Lokoloko

We present a collection with unique and original designs in standard formats. Posters whose designs present floral and plant motifs of all kinds, digitally retouched flowers to have elegant and unique images never seen before.

Pastel colors, bright saturated palettes, black and white, will be the sensation of this fresh category that provides endless possibilities, alone or mixed with plain colors or large murals.

Add greenery to complete any style décor, whether it's real plants, faux plants, or photographic prints printed on sheets, we always need a touch of greenery to immerse us in the broad floral color spectrum.

Our floral and vegetal decorative posters

Our measurements are adapted to the standard size frames that you can find on the market, so it will be very easy for you to find cheap frames in large areas.

We have a wide variety of colors embodied in original exclusive Loko Loko designs.

Loko Loko is committed to the highest quality and after numerous tests with the best photographic papers, we verified deficiencies in these and looked for a revolutionary material that would provide a plus, that would be used for interiors and exteriors, proof of adhesive tapes for rental homes where allow drills, weather, rain, water and resistance to ultraviolet rays.

With Loko Loko's floral posters, you can decorate the walls of your chillout, terrace, shower, spa... without any damage to the product, posters that you can put up with adhesive tape and remove them over time without damaging the material.

You can clean them with soft, damp cloths, decorate in a thousand ways using different formats, creating beautiful compositions on your walls. If you are passionate about decoration, live for rent and want to keep your posters, you must take the aforementioned characteristics into account.

Unique Floral and Plant Poster Designs

All the images created in the vegetable floral posters section, no matter how different they are, have been treated with the same care. The images are of very high resolutions and have been made by a professional team in the field of image, using photography, digital drawing, art, painting and graphic design, so works have been created that will not go unnoticed in your space.

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