Self adhesive vinyl for Kids


Lokoloko children's vinyl

Loko Loko wants to reach all ages, both children and adults, with a range of designs that stand out from the current ones, we avoid results that expire in the medium term as the child grows or the adult changes.

Lokoloko self-adhesive vinyl presents models that respond to the needs of a young audience, as well as the demands of adult styles, so we create designs that are easy to integrate, with elegant color palettes that fit the taste of both ages.

In many cases we eliminate figurative motifs associated with forms commonly linked to this field, thus avoiding high saturation colors and delving into palettes of medium and low tones, avoiding high contrasts.

Original children's vinyl designs

Loko Loko's design has been carried out by personnel trained in the field of art and image, who have ruled out numerous previous studies after color tests, before presenting the final product in the store. For this section there is a research process, study of current and future trends, study of color psychology and visual perception trying to achieve the desired reaction in the viewer by our designers.

Why buy children's vinyl for the little ones?

If you want to create a sophisticated and up-to-date children's space without resorting to resources or images with an expiration date, our children's designs in self-adhesive vinyl offer you the possibility of renovating your interior space, walls, floors, furniture... to the liking of both young people and adults.

For very little you can change your space quickly, cleanly and without works.

The quick installation brings considerable savings in tools, dirt, waiting times and labor.

You only need the spatula that we give you for easy installation on walls, furniture, floors, a change has never been so clean, fast and economical.

What are the characteristics of our children's vinyl?

In the store menu, once you have selected the family you want to see (marble and terrazzo, cement and concrete, wood, geometric patterns, fabrics, plain colors...) you can check the enormous variety of designs available. When you select the right design for your decoration, you have the possibility to configure it, select sizes, finishes, number of units you want and configure national or international shipping.

The available sizes are:

  • S / 120 CMS X 95 CMS
  • M / 150CM X 95CM
  • L / 180CM X 95CM
  • XL / 205CM X 95CM
  • XXL / 250 CMS X 95 CMS

Depending on locations and the addition of protective laminate, we have the matte finish (the most demanded for surfaces where you do not want imperfections to stand out), gloss (perfect for marble and terrazzo), wood finish and floor finish (complies with anti-slip regulations needed for floors).

In the case of selecting a finish other than flooring, two additional cms will be provided for paneling, only in the width of the piece, that is, instead of 95 cms it would be 97 cms.

The protective laminate finishes available are varied, selecting the right one for the design will enrich its visual value.

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