Abstraction and Geometry - Vinyl Wall Mural


Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls and furniture.

Design with large-format geometric shapes: semicircles, circles, lines, rectangles created in marble with a watercolor background that adds complexity and elegance to the mural. Pink, black, gray marbles, pink, gray concrete and black contrasts appear. Design of 5 pieces that work independently in decorative styles from art-deco, glam, minimal, classic.

The pieces have a width of 95cm + 2cm overlap = 97cm in total width.
* Overlap: vertical strip of the design that matches between cloths. Suitable for gotelé.

You can order it on wallpaper here. If you want it for living rooms, halls, bedrooms ... walls that do not get stained or wet

  • Matte Vinyl
  • Glossy Vinyl

45,90 €

54,00 €